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Back in 2019, Doggy Pro Shop's founder, Mattia Kartiganer was going through a very abusive relationship, barely surviving in many aspects. Mattia was working full time, but alone every night. She felt she needed a companion.


Mattia looked for pups for weeks until she finally found her forever fur-iend: a French Bulldog who would make the perfect companion. She contacted the seller, and within four hours Mattia received her first baby. She named him 2J. Little did Mattia know, 2J would make a huge impact on her life.


2J became Mattias best friend. They were an inseparable duo. Mattia was a new homeowner working full time struggling to make it by while also dealing with an extremely toxic relationship. 2J was the reason she woke up most mornings and made it home most evenings. People say your dog needs you, but there were countless days Mattia needed 2J more. He got her through numerous hard days and some really difficult nights.


As things calmed down, she had grown to love her first Frenchie so much that she got two more! She added Chanel, and then Rico to her home. She knew she had to provide them with an amazing life, especially because they saved her in more ways than one, so she developed Doggy Pro Shop.


This shop is more then just a business, it is the result of a bond between someone who needed saving and her companions who never left her side in her time of need. Many experience this first hand and know this bond quite well. If you know what we are referring to you will make a GREAT addition to the Doggy Pro Shop family!

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